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Basic protection facilities:

An individual identification number and the product manufacture date are twice marked on each unit of production, namely on the cap and on the bottle. And only in the event of these data coincidence, you can be sure that the products are genuine and manufactured at the plant.

If you like, you can dial the plant’s telephone number indicated on the label and make sure that the bottle of vodka, which you are holding at the moment, was bottled under this specific number and on this specific date. (The place with codes on the bottle and the cap will be indicated).

An original self destroying cap - can be used only once (cap).

Sophisticated shape of the bottle – to replicate it, one will have to invest a lot of money into the design and equipment, which makes it non-lucrative for the “counterfeiters” (bottle).

Each bottle has the trade mark inscribed – ĞUkrayinkağ (inscription shown).

The holographic foil is used for fabrication of the label (there will be a direction for the foil).

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