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23.03.2011 - Attention! Starts spring wave's presentations-tasting of the products of company Alef-Vinal

From March, 23 till June, 4, 2011 in 28 cities of Ukraine take place the presentation-tasting of new products fromtrade marks of company Alef-Vinal.
Presentations provide an opportunity for wine connoisseurs of art once to convence of high quality products, to get acquaintance of the great tradition of consumption of wine and brandy, communicate directly with the experts, get answers to most questions. All guests of the event definitely will be rejoiced by the concerts, contests with prize selection and gifts from trade marks of company Alef-Vinal.
The company Alef-Vinal is one of the largest producers of alcoholic beverages in Ukraine. Production activity of the company is based on enterprises, such as wine-making factory "Starokrymskij" , Wine-making factory "Burliuk" , Wine-making factory "Atlantis", Wine-making factory Bagerovo, plant Ltd" Atlantis ". The plants of company are equipped with high-tech Italian equipment, production laboratories, wine storage at 25000000. The products are manufactured by factories, boastan some awards were received in various Ukrainian and international competitions, there are 62 awards.

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