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17.11.2010 - The autumn wave of presentation-tastings products of company Alef-Vinal is over

The presentations- tasting of new products from brands Golden Amphora, Jean-Jacques and Vodka Ukrainian was in 35 cities of Ukraine from 3rd of September till 6th of November 2010.
The presentations provided an opportunity for connoisseurs of wine art once again to confirm in high quality of brands, learn about the remarkable tradition of consumption of wine and brandy, communicate with the experts directly, get answers on the most interesting questions. All guests of the event enjoyed of the festive concerts, competitions with raffle prizes and also presents from brands of Golden Amphora, Jean-Jack and Vodka Ukrainian.
For 80-90 years of the last century the domestic wine-maker had been seriously prejudiced during prohibitions campaign after that in quantity of vineyard of high quality was being canceled and come in unsuitability in the post-perestroika. Compensate for these losses are completely failed. According to official data, the processing of grapes, wines, sparkling wines and cognac is done about 200 enterprises today. Among them are clearly identifies two large groups: traditional businesses with own vineyards and the company of new wave, dedicated exclusively to bottling the wine. However, despite this, the main sales fall into five major producers which took 43% of the market in monetary terms.
One of the largest producers of wine in Ukraine is Alef-Vinal, which produces products of TM "Golden Amphora". Production activity of the company are based on the basis of the wineries located in Crimea, where in the 3000 hectares cultivated grapes more than 30 varieties used to produce products of TM "Golden Amphora". Company is staffed with high-tech equipment form Italia, manufacturing laboratories, 25000000 wine storage. And products are manufactured by the plant can boast awards of various Ukrainian and international competitions. There are 62 awards.

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