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02.09.2010 - Warning! Begins in autumn wave of presentations, tasting product of "Alef-Vinal" Company.

From September 3 till 6 November 2010 in 35 cities of Ukraine will be a presentation tasting new products from the brand "Golden Amphora", "Jan-Jak" and "Vodka Ukrainka.
Presentations allow lovers of wine art once again see the high quality of product brands, to get acquainted with the remarkable traditions of the consumption of wine and brandy, communicate directly with the experts, get answers to most questions. All the guests will enjoy holiday concerts, competitions with prize drawings and gifts from the brand "Golden Amphora" and " Vodka Ukrainka.
For 80 - 90 of the last century domestic winemaking was severely damaged during the anti-alcohol campaign and then came into disrepair huge number of quality vineyards. Compensate these losses are not fully succeeded to this day. According to official data, processing of grapes, production of wine, champagne and brandy today are engaged in about 200 enterprises. Among them are clearly distinguished two major groups: traditional businesses that have their own vineyards, and a new wave of companies dealing exclusively bottling wine. However, the main sales in the five largest producers, which occupy 43% of the market in monetary terms.
One of the largest wine producers in Ukraine is Company "Alef-Vinal", which produces products of TM "Golden Amphora". Production activity of this company is based on the wineries located in the Crimea, where in 3000 hectares cultivated grapes for more than 30 varieties, which is used for production of TM "Golden Amphora". Enterprises company staffed by Italian high technology equipment, industrial laboratories, wine storage for 25000000. And the products manufactured by the factory, boasts awards for the various Ukrainian and international competitions - their 62.

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