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22.09.2010 - September 19, 2010 in the grape farm TM "Golden Amphora" (Kashtani Bakhchsarai district of Crimea) held "The Sixth All-Ukrainian growers competition of" Golden Amphora-2010 "

Many members of the grape farms in Ukraine visited this occasion, as well as representatives of the media, colleagues and partners of TM "Golden Amphora".
A huge area of fruit-bearing and young vineyards european varieties of TM "Golden Amphora" with drip irrigation were shown for all guests. Yuriy Maksimov, the main agronomist and winemaking of TM Golden Amphora, told for all presents the diversity of grape varieties and characteristics of caring for it. Guests were able to view the largest under construction in the Crimea wine-brandy full cycle factory, as well as modern operating factory TM "Golden Amphora", at the time of reception and processing of grapes. As well as endless rows of oak barrels, where matures best in Ukraine brandies TM "Klinkov".
Competitors were given rows of vineyards TM "Golden Amphora", which lie at the expanse of the valley of the river Alma, and considered among the best in the Crimea.
Traditionally, the competent jury headed by Head of the viticulture chair, Crimean Agricultural University, Professor Alexander Dikan.
After a 1hour cpmpetetive time, the jury evaluated not only the quantity of grapes harvested, but the harvest quality, so how much was left grapes on the bush and under it, credit points removed from the participants from it.
The winner was Alexey Perminov, winegrower of the company Talisman K Kirov district of Crimea, gathered by 200 kg grape and received a prize like moped from TM "Golden Amphora". This is his second consecutive victory in the contest.
Second place was shared by Soromotina Irina and Corban Lyudmila from Burliuk Company, the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, received a prize like bikes from TM "Golden Amphora".
Third place went to Umerov Lyuman of the company Talisman K Kirov district of Crimea, Cosyak Nina from agrofirm Chernomorets ARC and Zhuvakova Helen of Company Burlyuk, Crimea. They were handed prizes like cameras from TM "Golden Amphora".
All participants were awarded diplomas and prizes from TM "Golden Amphora". Festive autumn evening at the Black Sea was completed and friendly dinner for participants and guests a pleasant sounds of music and tasting of brandies and wines from TM "Golden Amphora".
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Information about company Aleph - Vinal:
Date of foundation: 1999
Business Units:
Crimean Plant vintage brandy Bagerovo "(Bagerovo, ARC);
Plant Wine Company "Atlantis" (500 hectares of vineyards and a modern factory of the primary wine-making village Pochtovoe, Bakhchisarai region, ARC);
Burliuk (1500 hectares of vineyards, Kashtani Bakhchisarai region, ARC);
"Starokryms'kyi" (1050 hectares of vineyards and Plant primary winemaking Pervomaysky, Kirov region, ARC);
Plant for bottling of wine and spirits company "Atlantis" (Dnipropetrovsk region).
The company's products:wine TM "Golden Amphora", TM "Golden st. Crimea ", TM" Sonata ", brandy TM "Klinkov" and TM "Jan-Jak", vodka TM Ukrainka and TM "Helsinki".

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