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29.06.2010 - On June, 22nd at theatre of Gorkii in honour of the Victory 65 anniversary with support Ukrainka display of charitable theatrical performance has taken place to lead Boris Vasileva And dawns here silent

According to heroines of statement Julias Segedy, Elena Antonjuk, Tatyana Grebenjuk, Elena Velichko, Natalia Sivak, it not simply theatrical performance in traditional sense of this word. This action became one more step to revival of former glory of those seventeen-year, eighteen-year guys and girls which were not afraid to go on front and to become on protection of the Native land.
The game we are ready to inspire all townsmen on memoirs on those who not to return and to help those who is live, Tatyana Grebenjuk has noted. the Means collected from sale of tickets for performance And dawns here silent , with support ̫ Ukrainka will go on charity: in fund of veterans for rendering assistance to in great need participants of war (the house of veterans Novoaleksandrovka) and to the aid for the organization of the fourth charitable festival Mum + I , for children of orphans of the Dnepropetrovsk area.
Besides a performance premiere on June, 22nd for veterans of war and all spectators in foyer of theatre of Bitter the field-kitchen, military songs under accordion sounds, dances in soldier's blouses and, certainly, fighting hundred gramme from Ukrainka - have been organized.

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