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Water for preparation of the TM “Horylka ‘Ukrainka’” products is taken from a 301 m. deep well, which was discovered on the territory pf the production site, and from which it gets to the treatment system (water treatment). Water at the water treatment system goes through several stages of treatment. Initially all the water undergoes the filtration process through three sand filters, after which it gets to the filtered water storage; afterwards it again goes to the filtration process, but now it is already through two charcoal filters, then it undergoes treatment by the membrane technology (reversed osmosis system). Water treatment in the membrane installation using the reverse osmosis is performed by separating fresh water from mineralized water through semipermeable membrane under pressure higher than that of osmotic (membrane process). Water that has gone through the reverse osmotic filter has been desalinated and treated with oxygen, which adds pleasant fresh taste to it. The concluding phase of water treatment is purification with exposure to the ultraviolet lamps. Having undergone this kind of treatment process, water is now completely ready for use in vodka production.

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