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Production is the most important phase in the life of any product. It is this phase that the product quality and its further development depend on.

Distillery “Atlantis”, where vodka produced by TM (Trade Mark) “Horylka ‘Ukrainka’” comes into the world, is outfit with high-technology equipment, and the production process is monitored by highly qualified employees so as not to miss a slightest issue on the stage of vodka distilling and bottling. 

As is known the basic constituents of vodka are spirit and water, and the quality of vodka itself depends on the quality of these constituents.  

The spirits produced by two plants – Zalozetskiy and Novosyolki located in the Ternopol region are utilized for preparation of vodka by the TM “Horylka ‘Ukrainka’”. By blind test, it was the product of these two spirit plants that showed the best taste qualities and was recognized as the best one for vodka production.

Upon arrival to the distillery, every batch of spirit undergoes testing by special devices for compliance with the certificates, as well as monitoring the spirit data, especially for fusel oil and aldehyde content. And it is only in the event of these data compliance with standard requirements, that this batch of spirit is allowed for production of vodka by the TM “Horylka ‘Ukrainka’”. The batch of spirit that meets all the requirements is taken to the spirit storage facility, where the production process starts from. 

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