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Горный медМед с чеснаком


1. They say, an hour in the morning is worth two in the evening. But today’s evening will not conform to this regular occurrence, as it has been dedicated to fun, wine and attraction of charming women. My friends, let’s drink to this evening’s wisdom, shan’t we?!

2. Two brothers went to the shed to slaughter the bull. One brother says: “You hold the bull by the horns and I will hit it on the head”. He hit once, hit the second time, then the third time, and yet the bull was still standing. Then his brother suddenly says: “Look, if you hit me on the head one more time, I will not hold the bull”. Let’s drink to the following: no matter how many times life would hit us on the head, we would still hold it firmly by the horns!” 

3. The time has come for an old man to die. He raised his hands to the sky, addressed the God and begged:
- All mighty Lord, let me live at least a little bit more.
- How much more do you want? – God asked.
- As much as there are leaves on that tree.
- That’s too much.
- Well then, as much as there are apples on that tree.
- That’s too much as well. I will let you live as much as many friend you’ve got.
- I have no friends, - the old man said sadly and wiped his tears with a trembling hand.
Let’s drink to friends! And let’s have them more than there are leaves on the tree!

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