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Culture of Vodka Consumption

The consumption of good quality vodka requires refined gastronomic and cultural entourage.

Prior to narrating about the ways of proper consumption of vodka it is necessary to mention that the tradition of taking vodka was established throughout centuries, as it was vodka that used to be the national Ukrainian alcoholic beverage.

Like champagne, vodka requires ice to make the best presentation of itself. Therefore, it should be taken only properly cooled.

It’s imperative for the evaluation of the genuine significance of vodka as a beverage required for a feast, to realize the importance of the food components, which should go with it, or as they are called in Russian – zakuski (snacks; hors d'oeuvre).

Vodka is an expensive beverage and it requires expensive entourage such as caviar, salted and smoked red fish, salmon, sturgeon, starred sturgeon, pickled mushrooms, pancakes, raviolis. Vodka is unable to reveal its best properties without nourishing and saltish hors d'oeuvre, which is a required background for it.  

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